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Experienced Lawyer Outlines Causes of Car Accidents in Washington

Accomplished Spokane attorney has detailed knowledge of collision litigation

Litigating an auto accident claim can be complicated. The best way to secure a successful resolution is to hire an attorney with a proven record of success. At Peltram Law Offices in Spokane, attorney Martin A. Peltram brings more than two decades of experience to each claim arising from a Washington vehicle collision. We understand how to find and analyze key evidence and pinpoint the cause of your injury. From there, we draw on our background and network of medical experts to pursue suitable compensation for any type of injury.

Dedicated firm handles all types of vehicle crash claims

Demonstrating fault in an auto accident case often requires thorough investigation and the ability to find truth amid contradictory witness accounts. We have extensive experience winning compensation for clients injured in accidents caused by:

  • Distracted driving — The use of smartphones, interactive dashboard screens and other tech devices while driving now joins eating, drinking and talking to passengers as behind-the-wheel activities that can distract a driver. Just a moment’s inattention can easily trigger a serious accident.
  • Speeding — Traveling even a few miles per hour over the speed limit can significantly increase the braking distance required when a driver needs to stop suddenly. Our firm reviews police reports and evidence at the scene to determine if speeding contributed to the injury.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs — One drink or joint can alter a vehicle operator’s perception enough to trigger a collision. Even if the at-fault driver wasn’t cited, we’ll see if they were impaired.
  • Failing to obey traffic laws — When speeding, reckless driving or another traffic violation prompted a crash, our firm presses to obtain justice from the liable party.
  • Poor road conditions — Poorly maintained roads and parking lots give rise to legal action against the public and private entities responsible for maintaining safe conditions.
  • Manufacturer defects —We have the ability and resources to take on manufacturers, designers and dealers when faulty parts lead to a harmful auto accident.

Our firm offers comprehensive support to vehicle crash victims, ranging from advice on what to do after a car accident to strong advocacy during trials and settlement negotiations.

Skillful advocate pursues full compensation for injured victims

When you’ve been hurt in a collision, it can be difficult to quantify the harm you’ve suffered. Insurance companies often take advantage of this to press plaintiffs into substandard settlements. We make sure that you understand the potential consequences of the injuries you’ve sustained, which may include:

  • Broken bones — A broken bone suffered in a crash could leave you unable to work. If so, we press for wage reimbursement so that you and your family can meet your needs.
  • Cuts and lacerations — If you’ve been injured by shattered glass or endured some other serious laceration, our firm works to hold negligent drivers and manufacturers accountable.
  • Head, neck and spinal injuries — Conditions caused by concussions, traumatic brain injuries and spinal damage may be hard to detect and last indefinitely. If you’ve suffered an impact to the head, neck or back, our firm helps you get reimbursement for comprehensive medical treatment and rehabilitation costs.
  • Internal bleeding and organ damage — When necessary, we use expert testimony to show the internal injuries and organ damage triggered by a car crash so that the strongest possible argument is delivered in court or during negotiations.
  • Paralysis and nerve damage — For permanent injuries such as nerve damage and paralysis, our firm makes a thorough review of the long-term effects on victims and their families. From there, we seek a result that truly addresses the harm that was done.

There’s no risk to obtaining guidance from a qualified attorney. Our firm gives victims a free initial consultation and doesn’t collect legal fees until after you secure a financial recovery.

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