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Knowledgeable Attorney Offers Guidance in Alimony and Property Division Matters

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Significant issues need to be addressed regarding division of property during a divorce. The division of assets may lead to bitter disputes. At Peltram Law Offices in Spokane, WA, we will do everything we can to help you implement a division of assets plan that is in your and your loved ones’ best interests.

Alimony and spousal maintenance

Every relationship is different and requires specific deliberation when making decisions about alimony/spousal maintenance during a divorce. Courts calculate the appropriate amount of alimony/spousal maintenance by examining an assortment of specific factors. The two central factors considered by the court consist of a spouse’s need, as well as the other spouse’s ability to pay. Additional factors include the length of the marriage and obligations, such as child support.

Problems connected to alimony/spousal maintenance may arise during and after a divorce. Spouses may intentionally try to conceal income to avoid paying alimony/spousal maintenance. We will thoroughly investigate your spouse’s income to determine what he/she can contribute. Situations that occur after a divorce may require the court to revisit alimony/spousal maintenance issues. We will represent you in petitions to modify and enforce such obligations.

Property division

A chief task during a divorce is to divide both the assets and debts accumulated during a marriage in a fair manner. This can be rather complex, given the fact that Washington is a community property state. Disputes may regularly arise during the division of community property. The most common dispute is usually whether property is community or separate property in nature, which may impact the distribution of assets. Generally, property purchased during the marriage is deemed community and property obtained prior to marriage is deemed separate of the spouse who acquired the same. However, there are exceptions to that general rule. We will methodically investigate your estate to ensure you receive a fair allocation.

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Alimony and property division can be hotly contested issues in any divorce process. If you have questions, contact Peltram Law Offices at 509-624-4922 or by e-mail to schedule an appointment.