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Family courts in the state of Washington calculate child support by utilizing child support guidelines defined by statute. An assortment of factors may influence the suitability of amounts reached according to the guidelines. Courts may deviate from the child support guidelines in specific situations. At Peltram Law Offices in Spokane, WA, we will petition the court to award the appropriate amount of child support for your children.

Many people do not realize that courts may deviate from the child support guidelines in certain situations. The standard child support guidelines, while appropriate in the majority of situations, fail to adequately reflect the unique circumstances found in some cases. Attorney Martin A. Peltram will argue for a deviation from the child support guidelines in situations involving:

  • Substantial residential time
  • Child obligations from a previous relationship
  • Special needs child
  • Parent disability
  • Family income

We help set and modify child support payments

One factor the court uses when determining the appropriate amount of child support is the income of both parents. It is challenging to determine the income of self-employed parents because tax returns often do not reflect the true income. Understanding factors such as self-employment in child support cases is crucial to developing a plan that is best for you and your child.

We are capable of representing you whether you are a parent accused of failing to pay child support or a parent seeking to modify a child support agreement. Situations that occur following a divorce may require parents to revisit the child support issue. We will make sure your interests are continually protected even after your divorce.

Peltram Law Offices fights for child support during and after a divorce

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