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Washington Attorney Represents Clients’ Interests in Mediation 

Skilled lawyer helps businesses and individuals in the area resolve legal disputes through alternative means

Those who choose mediation to resolve legal disputes benefit from the guidance of an impartial third party, but that doesn’t mean they should give up their right to legal representation. Peltram Law Offices represent clients in the area and who are taking part in this form of alternative dispute resolution. I can help prepare you for your sessions and draft or review any agreements to ensure the settlement preserves your rights and protects your interests.

Proven advocate explains the mediation process

Mediation can be used as an alternative to litigation for certain types of disputes. At the center of the process is a mediator, who is impartial and focused on helping both sides reach an agreement without the need to go to court. Mediation may work for disputes that involve: 

  • Divorce and other family law issues
  • Contracts
  • Property law
  • Real estate
  • Natural resources

I can advise you on whether mediation is right for you and represent your interests as you navigate the process. 

Dedicated counselor advises on the benefits of mediation

In many cases, both parties to a dispute are best served when they establish a cordial relationship. Through the structured process of mediation, you can set aside hostility and agree on key points. Mediation can be a highly effective tool for you to preserve the stability and well-being of personal, employment, community or business relationships.

Mediation saves clients both time and money and offers a forum that protects your privacy. The predictability of mediation reduces the stress of legal conflicts and puts important decisions in your hands, rather than in the court’s power. Once you’ve reached a mediated settlement, I can draft the agreement to ensure it meets your goals. And if mediation fails to work for whatever reason, I am prepared to represent you in litigation. 

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Peltram Law Offices represents clients throughout who have chosen mediation to resolve their legal disputes. Call us at 509-624-4922 or contact us online to schedule a consultation at our office.